Look for Kind..Join us!

After working within the social work field for over twenty years one of the few things that has remained to be true…the filter we look out of into the world affects us on numerous levels in mind and body.

For awhile now I have been thinking a lot about the level of hurt, fear and angst happening throughout the world. It can get overwhelming. But do you know you have a part to play in allowing yourself to get overwhelmed with the heaviness out there?

What filter do you look through as you walk about the world. What do I mean? Imagine you wore glasses that colored everything blue. You would see hues of blue wherever you went. The various hues would be a result of the colors and textures that exist beyond your colored glasses. Make sense? If not send me an email.

Now think of a time when you felt like your day wasn’t going right. If you can’t remember one then use mine.

One day this week I started off by getting too involved in reading. I had to the leave the house quickly. Next I showed up at my destination barefoot. I’m known to be running out of the house carrying my shoes in hopes to have them on my feet by the time I reach my destination. Where were my shoes? Laying in my driveway. I put them on the roof of my car as I loaded in my bag. Next, I forgot to take my daily medicine which then led to feeling yucky several hours later. I think you get the picture. It’s very much like the picture book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”.

Now there are days I can make humor out of all of this. I sometimes pretend I’m watching a sitcom of my life. This allows me to see how comical the situations actually are. Unfortunately the above was a day I couldn’t create the “Marnie Show”. We all have had these days and most likely will have more in the future. The hope is to have more days of flow; more days to create your own personal sitcom.

Okay, I got derailed a bit, but I’m getting back to Look for Kind.

We are taught to Do Kind and Be Kind, but what a bout Look for Kind. When we do this we are making this the filter to our glasses. We see kind in different hues whether small or big. Are there really measurements to kind? Kind is kind so disregard the “small or big” above.

I challenge you to take a day wearing Look for Kind glasses. I would love for you to send me a picture of yourself including a blurb regarding your experience. It can also be a video diary. Why do I want these?

There is a movement starting here in Atlanta and moving worldwide. A mini-video is in creation to share this movement and we need to hear about peoples’ experiences. People from all ages. All you have to be is human. I suppose you could be a mindreader of animals and help them share their thoughts. I think you get the point. You Can Participate Because You Are A Human.

World Kindness Day is November 3rd. The video will be the kickoff of this movement. Come join us. Additional details about Look for Kind will follow soon. Stay in the loop by registering for Gathered and Grounded’s Newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage on arrival to find the sign-up.

Continue to keep thriving and flourishing….and….. go Look for Kind.


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