Look for Kind popped into my head one day while in the shower.

I'm known to begin my day by listening to a TED Talk.

It's funny, I can't remember which one I was listening

to or if it even had anything

to do with kindness.

At the time the world felt heavy to me. Between happenings in the world,

issues loved ones were facing, and the everyday negative

self-talk that was creeping into my thoughts, I pondered

what could be a spark, what could jumpstart

my day when it feels like it

may go in a direction I

don't want to take.

I remembered a time when I was at a low in life. A life lived almost

by not wanting to live as the pain of depression was almost

too much to bare. Do you know what kept me going?

What kept me holding on to live?

Smiles from strangers!

When I noticed the kindness of a smile my world changed.

It was a small kernel of change, but enough to

keep me moving forward. I tried my best to

continue looking through the

filter of kindness.

So there you have it!

Change Your Filter. Change Your World

Look for Kind



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