Does Benjamin Prescott look familiar to you?

Well he may if you frequent Wallers Coffee Shop. He is the perk- you-up barista. So now not only can Prescott serve you a great cup of Joe, but he will bring sunshine to your day while you groove away!

Benjamin Prescott will be here Thursdays at 9am & Saturdays at 10am

You can REGISTER for as many classes as you’d like & if you forget come as a walk-in.

Ages 13 - 99+

Here’s a little message from Benjamin Prescott…

Forget everything you have ever heard about Zumba & try my class for a fresh start. Everybody loves music right? I DO!

It’s my ultimate goal to spread joy wherever I go & music has been my most successful outlet in that aspect. You don’t need anything but a smile, water, towel and some comfy shoes. I will lead you while we exercise our minds with positive thinking & self encouragement all while our bodies will reap the physical benefits!

Now…if you’re still on the fence about coming to Zumba…checkout Benjamin Prescott on Instagram