Why Radiant Warriors?


We are fortunate to live in a community surrounded by people with a depth of skill, compassion and concern for others. Hannah Rose Broom and Christy Burkett are two of these people. Read below to learn about the motivation behind the creation of Radiant Warriors a one-of-a-kind workshop beginning October 1st.

Why Radiant Warriors?

Hanna Rose:

"I have always been one of those people that feels deeply and viscerally. Sometimes regarded as being a little ‘too much.’ Neither able to sit still or hold my tongue. Fortunately, much of that feeling was given an outlet through the arts. 

Early on, my flair for expression was channeled through acting, dancing, and crafting. While I will always attribute much of my emotional well-being to the outlet that the arts offered me, there was specific component of the mind/body experience that I felt and knew was present but lacked the tools or language with which to understand and express my experience.

Fast forward, I discovered my yoga practice (or as I really think of it - yoga discovered me), in early college. Initially, the practice offered a space in which to exercise my body and center my mind in a way that complimented my acting training. That centering of my mind, which I came to understand as a moving meditation, became the greatest gift yoga has given me. The self-awareness that many of us discover through yoga helped me slowly unwind habits, behavior, relationships, and thought patterns that were no longer serving me. A feeling that can be unsettling at first, this unwinding eventually leads us to a place of peace and greater self-acceptance.

I chose to take the leap into teaching yoga because I wanted to share this gift of insight with others. Yoga is an empowering practice that places the healing within the practitioner’s hands by the simple act of turning inward, breathing, and allowing the mind to settle. But what if I had started yoga earlier in Life? What would those years have been sans the suffering with anxiety, body image, and disordered eating? These questions eventually lead me to continue my yoga training in Children’s Yoga.

After several years of teaching yoga in high schools, I have come to understand that the self-study that yoga provides is best implemented through both artistic expression and discussion. 

I met Christy while teaching at Form Yoga in Decatur and always appreciated the energy she brought to class. After getting to know one another, we learned we shared a similar desire to offer a creative, healing space to the teens of our community. Radiant Warriors came into existence through our combined vision to help teens channel their strength and sense of self-worth.”


"I sit with many people of all ages, gender identities, races and religions in my counseling practice. The presenting concerns that bring them to seek support are as varied as their personalities. But a common thread that seems to run strong in all people at some point is a feeling of unworthiness. And we can often trace these feelings back to childhood and adolescence. So when I get the chance to work with a teenager, I see this amazing opportunity to help them start finding their worthiness and self esteem at such an important time in life! 

Getting started in personal growth and healing can seem daunting and scary. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be an adventure filled with play, movement and curiosity. Many may envision sitting in a therapy office receiving advice from a stranger or sitting in a group circle talking about our “problems” or maybe reading self help books on our own. These can all be helpful. But there are so many other avenues to connecting with our true selves and finding our peace and joy. 

So much of my own inner work has been ignited by my yoga practice and I have many clients who have found healing and growth through their own yoga practices. As I have come to know Hannah-Rose as one of my yoga teachers and I learned about her work with adolescents, it feels like a natural fit for us to combine our skills and offer something more than therapy and more than yoga to our community. 

We are offering adolescents a place to set intentions for their self growth and we aim to show them through experience that this work doesn’t have to always feel like work. And when it does require effort, the rewards can be tremendous. This series can be used as a kickstart to intentional work or as a continuation in one’s process or as a tune-up. With the use of body movement, art, discussion, introspection, breath and more they will have the opportunity to tune in to and come to know better their inner Radiant Warrior!”

Radiant Warriors begins in October. Registration is now open.