Look for Kind...We need you!

After working within the social work field for over twenty years one of the few things that has remained to be true…the filter we look out of into the world affects us on numerous levels in mind and body.

For awhile now I have been thinking a lot about the level of hurt, fear and angst happening throughout the world. It can get overwhelming. But do you know you have a part to play in allowing yourself to get overwhelmed with the heaviness out there?

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Why Radiant Warriors?

We are fortunate to live in a community surrounded by people with a depth of skill, compassion and concern for others. Hannah Rose Broom and Christy Burkett are two of these people. Read below to learn what lead them to create Radiant Warriors a one-of-a-kind workshop beginning October 1st.

“Why Radiant Warriors?”

Hanna Rose:

"I have always been one of those people that feels deeply and viscerally. Sometimes regarded as being a little ‘too much.’ Neither able to sit still or hold my tongue. Fortunately, much of that feeling was given an outlet through the arts. 

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Two Years to Today

Yesterday marked the fourth month Gathered and Grounded received our operating permits and our first kids on the yoga mat. It’s amazing how quickly and slowly time can speed or putt along. I’m guessing you can relate.

I meant to write this blog post earlier so you would have a better understanding of who I am and what motivates me to put one foot in front of the other on the journey of creating and opening G&G. Oftentimes if I can’t focus on my feet moving forward my mind moves to one moment at a time. Chances are if you begin to spend some time at Gathered and Grounded you will hear messages regarding the moments and the pause.

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The Break, The Mend, The Pause, The Noticing

A moment...one moment can bring upon the greatest positive shift, unexpected disaster or may go unnoticed. We have 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour period.  Wow! Imagine if we were paid by the second. Not only do we have 86,400 seconds, but we have 86,400 opportunities to take a pause, maybe less if we choose to sleep.

I walked my journey for 31,536,000x40 seconds (equaling more seconds than my calculator can display) without recognition of the ability to take a pause.  There was no sense of permission, right or norm to do so.

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As I walked down the hall at a local middle school where I spend time with 6th graders on a weekly basis I saw a former student from the previous session. With excitement I said, “Hey Billy how’s it going? What classes do you have this term?” Billy, not his real name, answered my questions while I moved along the hall to get to my classroom. As I waited at the door to greet my students as they walked in I heard Billy say to a student nearby, “Dude, she remembered my name. Mrs. G remembered my name!” For a moment I chuckled over his response as Billy was one of my, let’s say, more gregarious and energetic students. He is hard to forget. Moving on to teach two classes of sixth graders my mind moved away from the interaction with Billy, but creeped up later in the week.

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