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Hello! If you’re reading this you may be asking yourself, “Why would I want or need a private yoga session when I can attend a group class?” or “Why should my child take a private session?”

You may have heard the phrase “Yoga is for everybody.” I agree 100%.

Group classes work well for some, but there are times a private yoga session may be beneficial. In a private session I can cater to the needs of the student. If a student experiences anxiety, depression, ADHD, sleep issues or wants yoga catered to specific parts of the body we can work together to create a plan.

How can yoga add support to the mentioned issues?

There are many limbs to yoga. What we tend to focus on here in the states are the yoga poses. In classes at Gathered and Grounded, as well as private sessions, we bring in breath work and meditation in addition to the yoga poses (what I call shapes as poses makes it sound like we are striving for perfection when there is no such thing). When we work with the breath we learn how to calm the nervous system. Meditation has numerous benefits, but one I like to focus on is practicing being present in the now, in the moment.

We can also explore having a private session for parent and child and/or the entire family.

Why work with me?

I completed my 200 hour yoga training with The Center for Integrative Yoga Studies which has a therapeutic yoga foundation. I continue to be a life long learner and participate in workshops to grow my knowledge base. I have a clinical background in social work and bring a breadth of knowledge to my students.

*Keep in mind I’m not acting as a therapist in these sessions. If it’s determined a “talk therapist” would be helpful I’m happy to assist with referrals.

After reading if you think a private yoga session may be a supportive option for you or your child let’s talk.