Y'all we put "Gathered" in our name for a reason!

Being transparent and to demonstrate how from time-to-time the world doesn't run how we would like it to, I must tell you I wrote a great intro here and it just disappeared!  Yes, I know you can feel my pain. SO the short of it is...we need community. We need face-to-face contact with other humans. On this page you will find community events, happenings at G&G or possibly offsite. Generally they will be free or have a nominal investment. Why, because if you make an investment when you hit register it gives a level of accountability. We have limited space for our events and want to ensure those responding will attend.

An event can pop-up on this page at any moment, so make sure you check back-in and/or sign-up for our newsletter. We also know you have great ideas and would love to hear from you on what we can offer the community. When you have a lightbulb hanging above your head share it with us. We wouldn't want you to get weighed down...even small things can get heavy after awhile.