Y'all we put "Gathered" in our name for a reason!

Being transparent and to demonstrate how from time-to-time the world doesn't run how we would like it to, I must tell you I wrote a great intro here and it just disappeared!  Yes, I know you can feel my pain. SO the short of it is...we need community. We need face-to-face contact with other humans. On this page you will find community events, happenings at G&G or possibly offsite. Generally they will be free or have a nominal investment. Why, because if you make an investment when you hit register it gives a level of accountability. We have limited space for our events and want to ensure those responding will attend. Not to mention at this stage in the game we need to pay the bills. Gathered and Grounded can't be completely altruistic as much as we would like to be.

An event can pop-up on this page at any moment, so make sure you check back-in and/or sign-up for our newsletter. We also know you have great ideas and would love to hear from you on what we can offer the community. When you have a lightbulb hanging above your head share it with us. We wouldn't want you to get weighed down...even small things can get heavy after awhile.